I recently read Living the Quaker Way by Philip Gulley, and really liked the book. It’s a light, easy read which anecdotally describes common Quaker beliefs or practices (“Testimonies”). The book focuses on five primary attributes:

  • Simplicity
  • Peace
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Equality

Before reading this book, I only had limited historical and theological familiarity the Society of Friends, primarily from encountering Quakerism in my own search for a religious home.

Like Anabaptists (the tradition of which I am a member), Quakers are one of the “historic peace churches.” In fact, all of the five attributes that Philip discusses are all strongly emphasized by Anabaptists, as well. There are, however, some differences in approach in these areas (and in other ways).

  • Anabaptists are more likely to approach these five areas from a theological or Biblical standpoint, whereas Philip shows that the Quaker way more often makes use of psychology, sociology, and philosophy to explain these concepts

  • While Anabaptists also put a strong emphasis on discernment, contemplation, and community, they have not as often tried quiet worship or a full-community consensus process for community decision-making

  • Despite a shared tradition of nonviolence and noncoercion, Quakers traditionally seem more willing to make use of the apparatus of the State to meet a goal

  • Quakerism, being a diverse community, includes non-Christians and atheists, while Anabaptists still primarily believe God is revealed most clearly in Jesus & the Holy Spirit

Things that I didn’t like about the book:

  • Philip (understandingly) has some misunderstandings or over-generalizations of the Amish.

  • As briefly touched on above, Philip makes an excellent case against coercion and violence and against “situational integrity,” and still supports government action to solve problems (and not just the ones that governments created in the first place)

Some things I particularly liked about the book:

  • Learning more about community consensus

  • Learning more about the Queries

This book is recommended to: Anybody interested in peace and justice issues. Anybody looking to learn about the Society of Friends or Quakers.

Some Quotes:

  • “Thus, the commitment to nonviolence begins with a commitment to noncoercion.”

  • “Our government compels its citizens to pay taxes, not by appealing to our sense of charity and mutual responsibility, but by threatening fines and even imprisonment if we fail to cooperate.”

  • “If coercion is the root of violence, we must refrain from coercing or manipulating others to get our way, for that too is a form of violence meant to violate another’s will or conscience.”

  • “But integrity, because it arises from one’s inner morality and spirit, isn’t situational, requiring honesty in one situation and forsaking it in another. There is a seamless nature to integrity that transcends situations and relationships. Integrity does not present one face in public and another in private. It delights in transparency, having nothing to hide.”


  • Had a good work session and wrote pseudocode for two API query–>filter–>report processes that I needed for work
  • Had a free and awesome lunch at Harry and Izzy’s
  • Hung out with a couple of friends for “game night,” and even though we didn’t actually get to game, we still had a really good time
  • Found out about dicecards and got a set to try out and write about over at RPG Cards
  • Got my discount SUPBoard
  • Had a really good afternoon doing some coworking finally getting caught up on email and some small tasks that I had been struggling with
  • Saw An Iliad at the IRT, and it was powerful and excellent
  • Got most everything ready at the house before the potentially-adopted dog arrived

  • Replaced my Vanishing Point pen, finally
  • Replaced my fitness tracker, finally (now using a Withings Pulse, which merges data well with my Withings Scale)
  • Met (and reconnected with) many Indianapolis Rose-Hulman grads
  • Finally started to get traction on a piece of a work effort that we had been delayed on (through no fault of our own)
  • Facilitated another OWASP chapter meeting, which went really well (after some initial problems with bandwidth for our remote speaker Troy Hunt)
  • Had another good business discussion for Open & Secure
  • Enjoyed a lunch & learn at SmallBox
  • Received my shipments of Fate books and dice
  • Had a good evening out with friends
  • Enjoyed a nice walk–and nice lunch–with my wife

  • Picked out what I hope are going to be amazing seats for the inaugural Indy Eleven season
  • Got in several good workouts
  • Had a nice dinner and evening with my wife and her parents
  • Overcame some serious challenges that we were facing in the enterprise application security program change
  • Got some important financial stuff worked out
  • Got to babysit some friends kids for a bit, and they were a blast
  • Started a site to discuss RPG Cards
  • Had some new friends over for an evening, played some games, and had a great time (also, Rando Cardrissian shocked us all with probably the most horrifying haiku I’ve ever seen)
  • Made some progress on yard upkeep
  • Had a great Small Group meeting

  • Tried out “DFN” and calendar-based todos, which was a good experiment, but pretty quickly came back to bullet journaling and a modified version of Mark Forster’s “Ultimate Time Management System”
  • Had a meeting with a client for Open & Secure, and made progress on the proposal, publishing a revision which will probably be accepted
  • Despite my wife and dog both having to get medical attention this week, both are doing well
  • Received my Decks of Fate for Fate roleplaying
  • Had fun with friends at game night
  • Started reading Night Circus with my wife, which is to be a new “it’s fall” tradition
  • Played disc golf for the first time in at least two years, and even though I was terrible, had a great time
  • Had a great time hanging out with lots of people at our friends’ yearly fall party
  • Learned more about various APP.NET integrations, and am planning to move some of my “social” there
  • Started playing around with new blogging options, such as and 10Centuries

  • Went to the open house at SmallBox, and had a good time getting to see more of the space and talking with friends & acquintences
  • Presented on Cross-Site Scripting and Cross-Site Request Forgery security vulnerabilities for our IndyPy group, and got great participation and feedback
  • Had a fun date night with my wife
  • Did some backyard camping & hanging out with friends
  • Got cleared to adopt an Italian Greyhound (though we’ll have to meet some of those up for adoption to see which will be compatible with our current dog)
  • Had a good Small Group session
  • Got to catch up on some Foyle’s War, which is fantastic television

  • Submitted an Open & Secure proposal to assist a startup with general information security challenges and to address some particularly difficult user provisioning & management challenges
  • Went to the Slippery Noodle for the first time, and enjoyed some really good music
  • Tried out alternate transportation options some more, particularly UberX
  • Got to catch up with several old coworkers who I hadn’t seen in a while
  • Completed first inductive study for my seminary course
  • Played a couple games of ultimate
  • Was more proactive during the weekend about getting some of my upcoming work done
  • Hung out with a couple of good friends and made a couple new ones
  • Tried out Star Command which is a pretty awesome game so far (courtesy of Humble Bundle
  • Watched IRT’s production of Arthur Miller’s Crucible, which was amazing

  • Met with a new prospective customer for Open and Secure and discussed their needs
  • Finished my leadership training course
  • Ran the sixth session of our Fate Game pretty successfully despite little prep
  • Finished reading Reamde and I really liked it
  • Attended my (and the) third DerbyCon and saw some great content (summary post coming later)
  • Entered a “hallway con” for the first time, and joined in with I am the Cavalry for some really good discussions about how to preserve security research
  • Met another Brethren (they’re Anabaptists, too, you know)
  • My “super-recognizer” power kicked in and I met Josh More, who I had only heard of from a couple interactions on social networks via a mutual contact Jordan Peacock
  • Switched my personal configuration to “Winter Mode” (aka short hair and trimmed beard)
  • Finished reading Exploring the New Testament World, which I really liked and will be using throughout my seminary course


  • Played three games of Ultimate
  • Did some really good upper-body workouts
  • Signed up for a leadership course that I’ll be taking over the next couple weeks
  • Presented our ambitious software security program enhancements and initiatives to two new important constituents, and received great feedback
  • Learned more about Pyramid at IndyPy
  • Answered some security questions for a couple developers, and was asked for more inforamtion about Open and Secure
  • Met up with a friend to watch USMNT beat Mexico 2-0 (#dosacero) to qualify for the 2014 World Cup
  • Ran another session of our Fate game with a couple friends, which went really well
  • Finished reading Mouse Guard: the Black Axe which I really like
  • Finished all my week 3 seminary assignments on time (planning to post my essay here, later)
  • Enjoyed Wheelhouse Festival on Saturday, with friends
  • Received the Open and Secure logo work, and am very pleased with it