I add to the top of this page whenever I watch something that I really liked.

This is the best Marvel property, to date. Even better than the Netflix series.
This Netflix original pushed all the buttons for me. Starts like a poor police procedural, but gets better and better as it approaches the season finale.
I am still obsessing over this movie, well after finishing it.
Wow, we just finished the second season of this, and it floored us. I can’t say much about this show without giving things away. It is heart-wrenching, even multiple times per episode, but in a way that somehow feels hopeful. Highly recommended.
This is the first dark comedy that I have felt that is effectively both. It’s incredibly well-done, and combines some of the best attributes of TV from the USA and the UK. There’s great action & subtlety, and you’ll find a phenomenal cast of actors, even among the minor characters.
Note: I have not seen the movie that spawned the series.
I told my wife I wasn’t up for something serious, so we decided to try this. We. Laughed. So. Much. Sometimes it was smart funny. Sometimes it was stupid funny. But it was lots of funny. There were even some great lessons in here, and I’m sure you could enjoy this with kids.
Excellent. I finished season 1 and am eagerly anticipating the next season. This show excels in exploring the tension between things: beauty and horror, history and modernity, despair and hope. The acting, scenery, and pacing are superb. Like much of UK TV, there is much more subtlety than we are used to in American TV, and I’m glad for it. You’ll find this especially true in the ongoing narrative (or metaplot) of the main character’s past.
I confess to knowing very little of Wales, having only had brief discussions with a Welshman as a teen at NYLC, or knowing that The Swans are from there. This was a fascinating and challenging adventure. On top of this being phenomenally produced TV, they recorded all the voiced scenes in both English and Welsh, and I don’t mean dubs. They actually filmed those scenes with both languages. Dedication.
Catch it, especially if you like dark and beautiful detective dramas (e.g. Wallander or The Killing).
Excellent. This is billed as a dark-comedy, and though that may be true, what struck me more was the drama. Without spoiling to much, this movie is a week in the life of a priest who very-well-may-die on the Sunday of that week. We see how he copes with it, how he ministers throughout the week, and how he ultimately approaches that day. I cannot say much more without spoiling it. But, if you can handle incredibly heavy topics, then this is one you should watch. Trigger warnings for lots of things.