In 2016, I want to see if I can use the Internet as if it is not powered by ads. For other posts in the series, click here.

"We are launching with a limited number of publications on Medium who will offer members-only content and other perks to readers, in exchange for a monthly membership fee paid directly to the publication."

Excellent! This is an honest model for earning money and for serving customers.

However, they have another strategy, as well:

"Select publishers and bloggers who consistently produce meaningful, original content and maintain a loyal following of engaged readers will have the ability to host stories from brand partners on posts in their publication….We see this as a first step in bringing brands and publishers together on Medium to create meaningful partnerships. Over time, we plan to expand this program and roll out additional opportunities for collaboration."

Just in case you didn’t see through the bullshit, that’s advertising-speak for “we’ll pay you to show advertisements-masquerading-as-relevant-essays under your own brand."

There were already concerns about Medium creating a new walled garden, but this should seal the deal. Instead of putting your writing under their control, keep it under yours. If you want to expose to other channels, offer RSS so it can be consumed in multiple ways.

Needless to say, I’m now putting the Medium domain in my site blocking list.