I mentioned in my “Why?" post that one of the consequences of a ad-fueled Internet is that it affects our attention and the quality and nuance of our discourse. This is most evident in things in various types of clickbait, like listicles and hot takes.

There is an essay on the problems of hot takes over at Quartz. While I think they hit on the advertising-fueled modeled of publishing, I (naturally) don’t think they spent enough time there, and instead went on to diagnose the trend as a growth of some small subgroups of Internet users. Indeed, even the title ("How hot takes drowned out journalism and ruined our Facebook feeds") is guilty in the unnecessary addition of “and ruined our Facebook feeds", failing to consider that Facebook’s entire business model is built on this sort of attention-grabbing behavior.

Regardless, the article is worth the read. Here are a couple good quotes:

"publishers’ business models give them a perverse incentive toward shallow writing"
"the things that produce clicks are not the things that produce thought"