In freed-market organizational theory, one of the questions that critics often bring up goes something like this:
“Won’t bosses just become de facto governors?"
But just like “who will build the roads?", this is not a novel or unconsidered question. In fact, this kind of question, even when asked in good faith (not as an attempt to trick or troll), often reveals more about the person asking the question than the receiver. It reveals a failure to imagine, which is a common refrain in political theory. We often fall into a trap that looks like this: “I assume that any changes to address problems XYZ will have some of the same challenges we have now, so it’s not worth seriously considering solutions to this problem." But, of course, to develop good solutions to problems, we have to be willing to admit that problems exist and work on solutions in good faith. That kind of response is admitting defeat without even considering how to win!

Back to bosses: there is a lot of work still going on in this space. In “Questions and Answers on Workplace Democracy", Roderick Long exposes some of the more interesting discussions that are being had, and how one possible future might differ from our expectations.