This story is the epitome of American politics:
  • Mandatory schooling is started ostensibly to make good citizens, but the design is more useful for creating compliant laborers.
  • Government creates numerous problems in early education, as well as economic and regulatory distortions that affect the direction and focus of higher education.
  • People want better education. This turns into pressure for more people to go to college and even more people to do graduate work.
  • The government subsidizes school costs with cheap bad loans. This drives up college prices.
  • People do not or cannot prepare and save for these school prices, and they are upset.
  • In a globalized economy, and with rapidly increasing technology, the USA wants to “win". Government structures, along with the economic, work, and educational structures they drive; however, are not adapting quickly enough for the modern world.
  • There is a stronger push for more schooling for everyone, regardless of what the schooling is. The government "helps" with more cheap bad loans, which again increases prices and reduces quality.
  • Much of a generation is going to college, and many of them are underwater with loans they can't reasonably repay.
  • People are pissed. They weren’t part of all the decisions that led to here. They want relief from their loans.
  • Entrepreneurs in silicon valley and other places attract huge capital to build purposefully-unprofitable businesses that can get bought by big businesses favored by the government. There is little focus on making something useful, sustainable, or good for humanity. The goal is to work hard for a few years and make a huge payday when you get acquired, and this is the new American Dream.
  • The “forgive student loans" movement is co-opted for political gain and ties to big business.
  • Instead of forgiving the loans of folks who can never reasonably pay them back, forgiveness is targeted towards those entering a privileged sector of society that can easily declare bankruptcy and start over.
  • The American Dream.

This is the way in the United States. Instead of ever looking at root causes and trying to address them, ideas are put forth that seem noble, but actually exacerbate issues. All the while, those connected to government & big business continue to profit from the problems. We suffer terribly from “do-something"-ism, where something, anything, is better than nothing.

We must learn to consider the means by which we pursue noble goals. Our methods must match our desired outcomes. We cannot continue to ignore consequences for somebody to fix later, compounding problems in the meantime.