Only the Predestined Have Permits

I can see your responses, already:

“But maybe lots of neighborhood or out of town people park there, and then people can’t get to church."
“Maybe they were having liability issues."
“Maybe they are financially struggling to keep their ministry."

There are a lots of things you could potentially call this, depending on the situation: “practical", “economical", “responsible", or maybe even “necessary".

What you cannot call it is "Christlike".

I want to be clear: this is not about one church. This (highly ironic) sign is representative of an epidemic affecting many American churches. All too often our priorities are focused more on the institution of the church than on the church’s purpose of healing, hope, and liberation.

Let’s finish with a #ModernScriptureReading from Matthew 5:38-42:
If someone attacks you, hit back hard enough to make an example and ensure it doesn’t happen again. If someone uses your parking spots, tow their cars and make them pay for the expense. If someone makes you have to do work, sue their ass in court. And if someone wants something from you, get collateral and charge interest.