Existential Comics is smart and hilarious. Here's a great one about distraction and angst.

A great review and discussion that follows on David Graeber's Utopia of Rules.

Rugby is awesome and is my second favorite type of football (behind soccer). Here is an intro to it, as the World Cup starts.

As an information security consultant, I used to do a lot of social engineering testing for my clients. It was stressful, but a ton of fun. I still get a weird “train wreck" kick out of reading about various scams and the like. I am often tempted to mess with various scammers, on the rare occasion that I hear from one. Indianapolis infosec reporter Steve Ragan has taken to recording calls with them. You can hear his latest call and report on IRS scammers, here.

Kevin Carson discusses some of the issues with the "sharing economy" and makes some proposals. What do you think?