Charles Blow reminds us White America is having a “nervous breakdown" over issues that have been thrust on others for a long time.

Good news on the overturn of false convictions. Now, let’s talk about how these can be avoided in the first place, and how we can fix or abolish the racist, classist, and horribly abusive prison system.

Kevin Carson gives a hearty “yes!" to alleged “research parasites".
'In other words, research parasites are people who do what they used to call “science."'

Slate Star Codex has tons of interesting pondering on the idea of class.

Anil Dash asks why we are content to joke “don’t read the comments" instead of doing something about it.

This is hacking at branches, not striking the root, but I’m glad to see more resources: Hacking the Patent System: Improved, Expanded Guide to Patent Licensing Alternatives #AbolishIP

Seems intuitive, but haven’t looked through the study, yet. What do you think? Powerful people are terrible at making decisions together.