Here are some of the things I’ve found thought-provoking, recently:

Universal Basic Income is a bad idea. It would have same nasty unintended consequences, assuredly get entrenched in a unfixable way, and most importantly, doesn’t address the underlying problems. This comment from “Universal Basic Bullshit" points out another one of the problems: "The aim is pacification, not liberation. A universal basic income is, in the most cynical sense, a subtle kind of doomsday prep for the tech billionaire, a means to diffuse the revolutionary potential of the working class by supplying them with the absolute bare minimum, just enough to keep them almost happy, fat in the apps."

Great idea: the pac-man rule.

You know about “driving while black", but what about “walking while black"? ProPublica publishes their investigation.

C4SS is holding a symposium regarding antifascist tactics. Here’s one against and one for using violence to suppress fascist expansion.

Truck Driving is a big job in every state (NPR says it’s the top job in many, MarketWatch says not exactly). It’s also an activity that generates a lot of safety and environmental risk. Automating truck driving is going to be a major step for safety, but will have many unintended consequences, as well. One company has already started automating trucking. Wired has more on automated trucks, too.

Ted Grimsrurd has a short but excellent summation of Christian politics and pacifism. Follows-up on the topic of “engaged pacifism." (This is why I say “peacemaking" is a better term.)
Semi-related: the USA government has a ludicrous number of military bases around the world. Christians are facing 7 years in prison for protesting one in Australia.

EFF has released free Security Education resources. Github has started warning about security problems in dependencies.

Trump is an effective negotiator, despite bipartisan media saying he is failing. It’s just that his goals in negotiation are not our goals. This article from Baffler explains it in a somewhat farcical way. The better way to understand it (which Naomi Klein discusses in No Is Not Enough), is that his goal is reinforcing his brand. And his brand is essentially “gilded boss who can get away with whatever he wants". Yes, most of his negotiations are failing by our standards, but they are succeeding at continuing that branding, and that branding is immensely good for his net worth and that of his family’s companies.

Customer support and service is often a bandaid for other behavior. Eva Klein reminds you to go after root causes.

Pence’s protest of protest was pretty expensive, and this only covers IMPD costs, not Secret Service or other.

Here’s a cryptocurrency that is fighting mass incarceration.

The addiction-focused-design in modern software has gone ridiculous and continues to get worse. Unlocking Everything in Battlefront II Requires 4,528 hours or $2100

We can stop making fun of the midwest. Turns out Virginia is the flyover state.