The first day for delegates was mostly introductory.
Delegate table leaders had an hour introduction to train them on the consensus-measuring processes, voting processes, equitable sharing methods, and how to navigate challenges at the table.

Then, all the delegates were brought in and things kicked off. There were various introductions to the convention, the delegate process, and to Mennonite agencies. Hymns and prayers were scattered between.

Delegates are largely appointed by congregations, though there are a smaller number from conferences, a still smaller group that is the executive board, and still smaller groups from special constituencies. The church has said that they attempted to have some variety at every table. You can read more about the makeup and beliefs of delegate members, here.

The process is a combination of consensus-building and Robert’s Rules. This was admitted to be a bit unusual, but the setup works for the group and accepted by the assembly. For final votes, they require a simple majority of those voting. No proxies are allowed.

Tomorrow we will start to get into the church business.