Here are some of the reads & comics I’ve found thought-provoking over the last week. Ranked in priority-reading order:
  1. The Restorative Justice movement is key (see my recommendation of Changing Lenses) to a more just society. This detailed essay gets into some of the political considerations and implications:
    1. Related: Slate Star Codex talks about the tactic of focusing on Bail Reform:
    2. Related: Freddie doBoer says "we can’t simultaneously be a movement based on rehabilitation and restorative justice AND a viciously judgmental moral aristocracy"
    3. Related: Mariame Kaba discusses prison-abolitionist tactics:
  2. Richard Beck of Experimental Theology once again discusses the paradox of “Denouncing Caesar while embracing Caesar."
  3. System/Application Threat Modeling is a highly valuable and underutilized activity in securing systems. OWASP has a new github-integrated tool to help you try threat-modeling:
  4. People have become so accustomed to seeing videos of abuse from law enforcement officers, that the beating of Rodney King seems not so bad:
  5. It’s a bit simplistic, but good to see something other than victim-blaming regarding Wannacry:
  6. “When...commons is enclosed and run for the benefit of capital, or actually run by capital itself, price-gouging and favoritism to business are only to be expected. And every step in the process is characterized by collusion and self-dealing. That’s the nature of the capitalist state: to subsidize inputs, socialize costs and risks, and facilitate the privatization of profit." and
  7. XKCD sarcastically articulates the current state of machine learning ethics:
  8. Reminder: "Because terrorism is so uncommon...any strategy for combating it that involves policing entire communities is likely to end up harming huge numbers of innocent people — thus feeding the same climate of alienation and hostility that fosters political violence in the first place."
  9. The Onion’s ClickHole has gone PatriotHole and it is brilliant:
  10. This framework/classification of dystopias is useful. You could even rate a society on each type:
  11. As with other things, we get more upset about our privacy more than we actually do anything about it:
    1. Related, here’s how to address Twitter’s new setup:
  12. Freddie deBoer challenges the left’s public-private divide around honesty:
  13. Cory Doctorow talks about human nature in the midst of crisis, as well as his new book:
Read anything over the last week that I should add for next time? Let me know in the comments!