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Food for Thought: 2018-01-08

Posted on January 8th, 2018

Here are some things I’ve found thought provoking, recently. Recommend your own in the comments."The search for a more human understanding of power and consent is not simply stage-dressing for a bigger fight. It is the big fight." Consent of the Ungoverned is a great read about sex and politics. Immensely quotable.Security Planner is an excellent resource from Citizen Lab. Answer a handful of super-simple questions and they will make quality, achievable recommendations on how to digitally pro...

Food for Thought: 2017-12-04

Posted on December 4th, 2017

Here are some things I’ve found thought provoking, recently:When it comes to abuse of power, media still focuses on feelings of the abuser, instead of the abused. It’s still all about the person with power. “I feel so bad and lost that I hurt my fans." “I’m really struggling with my direction." “I’m doing a lot of soul-searching." You know the drill. It’s fauxpology and “look at me" brand maintenance. We’ve seen this repeatedly in the recent slew of outings of serial sexual abusers. Here, we ...

Food for Thought: 2017-06-25

Posted on June 26th, 2017

Here are some of the reads & comics I’ve found thought-provoking over the last week. Ranked in priority-reading order:How to preserve land from development? Collectively buy it! (this would be even better if the DNR wasn’t one of the buyers): Carson has a 4-step plan to address “cost disease": Quote:Destroying all unnecessary waste o...

DRM-Free: Not Just About Piracy

Posted on May 14th, 2016

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is supposedly a tool for protecting intellectual property in digital media, but the usage of it has introduced numerous other challenges. These side-effects (or in some cases, arguably intentional effects) cause other problems for the proliferation and use of beneficial technology. These challenges can include: Speed, resource, and energy overhead Losing media you already “own" if the provider decides to discontinue it or goes out of business Inability to con...

Food for Thought: 2016-04-01

Posted on April 1st, 2016

No Funnies Edition Another winner from The Baffler. It hits so many sweet spots for me, such as quoting Jacques Ellul and criticizing advertising, propaganda, and this terrible upcoming US presidential election. The ethical thing to do when you have a security vulnerability is to help the people responsible for the vulnerability to fix it. Often, it is instead hidden and weaponized, commoditized, and used against specific targets. However, during that period, non-targets with the same softwa...

Food for Thought: 2016-03-11

Posted on March 11th, 2016

Caution: a heavy set of articles, today. Indiana senate votes unanimously to allow Law Enforcement to withhold body cam and dash video, by default. You have to explicitly challenge each instance. Wanna guess how well those challenges will go? Consider this your reminder that outward-facing taxpayer-paid cameras are justice theater. (I think I’m coining that term for this context.) Is it better to fight bad laws or the enforcement of them? Which presidential candidate do you tru...

Food for Thought: 2016-02-04

Posted on February 4th, 2016

Charles Blow reminds us White America is having a “nervous breakdown" over issues that have been thrust on others for a long time. Good news on the overturn of false convictions. Now, let’s talk about how these can be avoided in the first place, and how we can fix or abolish the racist, classist, and horribly abusive prison system. Kevin Carson gives a hearty “yes!" to alleged “research parasites". 'In other words, research parasites are people who do what they used to call “science."' ...

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