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Food for Thought: 2016-01-23

Posted on January 23rd, 2016

I like this tiny house design. Brilliant satire from The Onion: Pentagon Holds Gala To Celebrate 25 Years Of Bombing Iraq The “Have I been pwned" site has helped reduce the value of breach dumps (and thus, may be disencentivizing them). Troy Hunt asks for your help. Want to be horrified when your phone vibrates? This app sends "a push notification every time the police kill someone in the United States." Economic concerns trigger survival instincts and will often override our ethics...

Food for Thought: 2015-09-30

Posted on September 30th, 2015

Existential Comics is smart and hilarious. Here's a great one about distraction and angst. A great review and discussion that follows on David Graeber's Utopia of Rules. Rugby is awesome and is my second favorite type of football (behind soccer). Here is an intro to it, as the World Cup starts. As an information security consultant, I used to do a lot of social engineering testing for my clients. It was stressful, but a ton of fun. I still get a weird “train wreck" kick out of reading abo...

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