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5 Dimensional Political Compass

Posted on November 14th, 2017

I tried this quiz. Like others, it has some coherency problems. If you take it, post your results! Items in italics are my own notes.You are a: Socialist Anarchist Isolationist Bleeding-Heart Progressive Collectivism score: 50% Authoritarianism score: -83% Internationalism score: -67% Tribalism score: -100% Liberalism score: 50% Explanation key: Collectivism refers economic intervention, whether the society or state should intervene in the economy to redistribute wealth from the more to the ...

ISideWith: PotUS

Posted on February 19th, 2016

Note: For a number of reasons, I do not vote in these elections. However, it is still important to me to understand how coercive power will be wielded against people, and how we must shape alternatives. Thus, this topic matter is still of interest to me. Here are my top results for the ISideWith PotUS poll: I will edit this page as questions are updated and my results change. These are probably lower top-picks than most people would have, but higher than I would have expected. This yea...

Political Compass #2

Posted on December 16th, 2015

In which we analyze the popular “political compass" quiz. Previous post. Question #2: “I’d always support my country, whether it was right or wrong." This one is a lot more straightforward than the last. We can argue about what “support" entails, but I expect that such an understanding would be factored in to the strength of the agreement or disagreement. How It Should Count Agreeing should be a right shift. It shows a preference for tradition, duty, honor, etc. that are seen as more righ...

Political Compass #1

Posted on December 14th, 2015

In which we analyze the popular “political compass" quiz. I struggle with this quiz, for a number of reasons that will become apparent as we go through them. In this series, you’ll get to see how I think about politics (both from state and non-state perspectives), understand my concerns with how some of these questions are framed, and have a chance to challenge & sharpen each other as we consider these items. Question #1: “If economic globalization is inevitable, it should primarily serve...

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