By trade, I’m a decade+ veteran of the information security industry, with specialties in software/application security, security training/awareness, security testing, and security management. I write a little bit of python to help me with my security job, and am working on some side projects with it, as well. Yes, my services are available for hire.

Outside of work, I think a lot about values and ethics, especially in the realms of philosophy, theology, technology, and economics. To pithily sum up my philosophical and political beliefs: work to abolish all punching, but when punching is currently unavoidable, punch up, not down.”

I love hobbygames, particularly narrative-focused story games, which includes some roleplaying games. I’m also a big fan of soccer, though rugby has recently caught my interest, as well. I love the outdoors, especially freshwater, and enjoy hiking, camping, and SUPboarding. I pet all doggies.