1. Melinda Gates and Fei-Fei Li Want to Liberate AI from Guys With Hoodies”’: https://backchannel.com/melinda-gates-and-fei-fei-li-want-to-liberate-ai-from-guys-with-hoodies-17f058889a4c

  2. Edited to add: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/26/opinion/sunday/artificial-intelligences-white-guy-problem.html

  3. SURJ has a really solid Values document: http://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/about
  4. Existential Comics had good twitter comments about biases: 
  5. The shift from industrial to information age means that if your product depends on the network effect, then you are better off growing your network than seeking an early profit: https://hbr.org/2017/05/why-some-digital-companies-should-resist-profitability-for-as-long-as-they-can
  6. Lunarbaboon reminds us that often people have something unspoken that they are dealing with: http://www.lunarbaboon.com/comics/shut-out.html
  7. I’m considering a personal assistant service. Have you ever used one? E.g.: https://www.fancyhands.com/
  8. I like Slack as a platform, but we must remember that tools will not solve social problems absent of social change. Baffler has a salvo on some of the challenges in the system (and more broadly, in ways we manage work): http://thebaffler.com/salvos/big-bother-slack-silvermanAlready, several clever botmakers are positioning their products as Slack-work reducers, automated assistants that deal with the informational chaff being produced by all those other bots, channels, apps, and alerts. This arrangement, while pleasingly meta, also begs the question of how to distinguish meaningful labor from the various acts of micro-work and mindless feed-browsing that invariably fill up the digitally mediated workday.” 
  9. Indianapolis is getting a couple new promising restaurants: https://www.ibj.com/blogs/3-property-lines/post/63688-creator-of-bru-union-50-to-open-two-new-restaurants-in-ironworks-hotel

Read anything over the last week that I should add for next time? Let me know in the comments!