Here are some of the reads & comics I’ve found thought-provoking over the last week. Ranked in priority-reading order:

  1. Really sad:
  2. I was really challenged these Plough articles that challenge the value of Curiosity: and Quote: Because studiousness directs our minds to good things in the right measure, it allows us to develop a taste for what is truly ­interesting in the world around us…and a dislike for what is merely titillating, sensational, or distracting. Without studiousness, our otherwise wholesome desire for knowledge would fall into the crude distortions that characterize the vice of curiosity.”
  3. Democrats continue to prove that they are not a viable alternative. Here’s the latest salvo:
  4. Here’s how to follow (or avoid) my coverage of Mennonite Church USA Convention:
  5. Jim Grey discusses what makes for a good software company:
  6. Krebs has a report on the latest ransomware tied to the NSA attack:
  7. The New Inquiry gives some warnings about using rights discourse”
  8. National Post shares the story of one Old Colony Mennonite family moving to Canada:

Read anything over the last week that I should add for next time? Let me know in the comments!