Here are some of the reads & comics I’ve found thought-provoking over the last week. Ranked in priority-reading order:

  1. Here’s a quick quiz for you to take re: White People Discrimination:
  2. Updating tactics on nonviolent direct action:
  3. Over on McSweeney’s a Google Robot writes a manifesto:
  4. Police have killed at least 2900 people since the Michael Brown killing:
  5. We struggle with loving like Jesus, but our problem isn’t education, but formation”:
  6. Reminder, it’s not actually privatization” if the public is still paying for it:
  7. EFF has a guide on how to protect your devices when crossing borders:
  8. What not to do when trying to be anonymous online:
  9. Non-Coercive Collective Decision-Making: A Quaker Perspective”, part of the C4SS symposium on Anarchy & Democracy:
  10. Experimental Theology says we’re getting Sabbath wrong:
  11. Rob Graham is compiling lists of the most (now) obvious hack types:
  12. Oh shit!
  13. Me IRL:

Read anything over the last week that I should add for next time? Let me know in the comments!