Here are some of the reads & comics I’ve found thought-provoking, recently. Ranked in priority-reading order:

  1. Responses are widely discussed in the follow-on from the neo-fascist gathering in Charlottesville. My opinion: the strategies we use to prevent future fascists may often be different from the tactics we use to limit harm from current fascists:

  2. I’m a big fan of satire and humor, as it interrupts minds and forces people to consider different perspectives:

  3. Cornel West says anarchists and antifa saved their lives: 

  4. How the Church Summons Demons”

  5. Anabaptist thoughts on Nazi-punching:

  6. Does the terrorism in Charlottesville mean the end of the alt-right as they currently exist? How do we resist whatever version of neofascism comes next?

  7. Monstrous intersection of nationalism and environmental degradation:

  8. There is now a Libertarian Socialist Caucus within both the Democratic Socialists and the Libertarian Party. Let’s hope this drives both groups in a better direction:

  9. Environmental recording may become one of the predominant personal security features in the future. This one isn’t there, yet, but it’s a step towards that possibility:

  10. Here’s a polite no, thanks” template for security (or other) spammers:

  11. Mennonite Man to Challenge Floyd Mayweather”:

  12. Rose-Hulman massively increasing its property, including the old Hulman horse ranch property across the street:

  13. Cool tiny house:

Read anything over the last week that I should add for next time? Let me know in the comments!