Here are some things I’ve found thought provoking, recently:

When it comes to abuse of power, media still focuses on feelings of the abuser, instead of the abused. It’s still all about the person with power. I feel so bad and lost that I hurt my fans.” I’m really struggling with my direction.” I’m doing a lot of soul-searching.” You know the drill. It’s fauxpology and look at me” brand maintenance. We’ve seen this repeatedly in the recent slew of outings of serial sexual abusers. Here, we see it for tech. We get it, you’re hurting, but more importantly, you’re hurting because you’ve been hurting other people. So let’s start by how you can make up for what you’ve done, instead of using this as yet another platform to advance yourself at the expense of others.

    Update: this Vox story explores this via the Franken fauxpology.

This was a great episode of Invisibilia, and also a good introduction to peacemaking.

Imagine the uproar and defense if white people were fired this quickly after they said racist things.

Community rapid-response program to reduce harm when ICE strikes. This as model we can adapt and spread. 

No violence is righteous, even if it’s sometimes necessary.” Another essay in the symposium around antifascist tactics.

I’ve said before the DRM and Intellectual Property are problematic, as they are ultimately and effectively more about controlling other peoples’ rights than defending one’s own. The EFF had a clever plan to unmask DRMs proponents’ true goals. Light was shown on them, though this round of the fight was ultimately lost. 

As the USA Supreme Court is considering a case, Wired reminds that cell phones aren’t really voluntary. Here are Schneier’s comments on the case.

One of the more cynical things law enforcement sometimes does in support of commerce is the arresting and fining of people trying to give free services like food for the homeless. This is often done (under false pretenses) to drive homeless out of an area, so that tourists and businesses don’t have to see them.

Reminder, BDS is not about Judaism and is not anti-semitic: it’s about challenging an oppressive and cruel occupying military force. It has the support of Jewish Rabbis. Here is a copy of the Mennonite Church USAs resolution on the matter.

There are a lot of human factors in human design. This is an interesting writeup of a few of them. In my office, the lights go out every few minutes, so I have to wave my arms for the senses to detect me and make them come back on. This is great during videoconferences, of course.