We need to pray for whoever is elected:

  • That lust for power will be given up for a love of peace
  • That desire to control will be transformed into a yearning for justice
  • That thirst for vengeance will be redeemed for a practice of mercy

We need to pray for ourselves:

  • Repenting of our involvement in perpetuating violence, theft, and destruction
  • Asking for the wisdom, grace, and courage of the Spirit to live out Kingdom values

We need to act:

  • Practicing mutual aid
  • Holding ourselves and other Christians accountable
  • Speaking prophetically about injustice
  • Collaborating on sustainable alternatives
  • Bringing more of our activities out of Empire and into the Kingdom

We need to begin to live into the Jesus Manifesto:

  • good news for the poor
  • freedom for prisoners
  • sight for the blind
  • release of the oppressed
  • the year of the Lord’s favor