Dismantling our enemies requires at least three steps: proximity, curiosity, and humility. We must be close enough to listen, curious enough to want to know more than we already do about the other’s story, and humble enough to wonder if perhaps we’ve been wrong about the other all along.”

  • Michael T. Ray in Meet a True Story for Plough Quarterly 15: Staying Human


satisfaction is antithetical to a society that demands continuous consumption, or continuous conquest”

Do I want to trade some of my health for this?”

are actions being taken because they are the most useful, or because they are the most satisfying?” - ?

  • Current Affairs Vol 2 issue 5

Sitting in chatrooms is like being in an all-day meeting.”

I’m not holding my breath for breakthroughs from companies for whom monopolizing attention is their business model.”

 “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

Treat your attention with respect”


Intensity can be traded for time”