Woodwick Redwood:

This is a powerful candle that hits the dark, sweet, & (of course) woodsy notes. Even a short burn will leave your room feeling cozy.

Feu De Bois:

This hand lotion smells like walking into a magical winter cabin.



This is by far the best cooperative game I have ever played. It is a reverse-hand game (you see every card except your own) cooperative game that doesn’t suffer from boss syndrome” or someone having to be a spy” player.



This is the best Marvel show, the best X-Men property, and probably even the best TV season of anything I’ve ever seen. Content Warning: deals with mental health issues.

The Fine Print

I only post things here that I actually like and find to be a good value. This is not here to make me money, but to share items that genuinely interest me.

I will not accept payment to post something here. You may send me something to try, but that is no guarantee I will like it enough to post it.